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Editing  & Coaching

Manuscript Editing & Writing Coaching

I'm a writer as well as a teacher and an editor. Finishing a draft is a huge step on the path of creativity. Now you need another set of eyes on what you've created and guidance on what's next. I can help you polish and prepare your manuscript before you query. Below is a list of the services I offer. Get in touch and we can customize the editing or coaching package that's right for your current project.

Developmental Critique

This package includes one read through of your manuscript and an editorial letter. I provide overall comments on the structure, themes, and overall flow of the piece. These reports tend to be short, ranging from one page to five or six at most. I provide one follow up phone call (30 min) to clarify any questions you may have after receiving feedback. Prices for this package start at $1100 for manuscripts less than 80K words.

Content/Developmental Edit

This more detailed version of the Critique package includes one read-through but I take a finer tooth comb to your manuscript. This is a good place to start if you're in the rough-draft stage. I provide everything in the Critique, plus a chapter by chapter line edit with a breakdown of questions, comments, inconsistencies, or repetitions that I spot. In short, the read through is a road map for your rewrite. These reports are anywhere from five pages in length to 20 or more. This package starts at $1500 for manuscripts 80K words or less.

Coaching/Line Editing

Not sure what you need? Just want a general idea of where you're headed, or want some guidance on a project? Coaching and line-editing is available for $75/hour, or $7/page. (Page counts are determined by dividing your word count by 250)

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