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A Few Recent Books I Recommend

Matt Haig

The Midnight Library

For anyone who has ever wondered what if they'd chosen a different path, The Midnight Library explores the space between life and death, in which there lies a library full of books. Each book holds a different life you may have lived and an opportunity to explore what might have been. A beautiful, magical tale of possibility and reconciliation. I adored this book! Audible version wonderfully narrated by Carey Mulligan.

V.E. Schwab

The Invisible Life of Addie Larue

A Faustian tale of a girl who makes a deal to live forever, and what that really means...this book is hard to put down. Addie is all of us - because who hasn't learned at some point to be careful what you wish for? She's relatable and so is her romance with the dark, as she navigates a life that goes on forever even as she slips from the minds of literally everyone she meets. Until, one day, she doesn't. The audible version was miscast, so I read this one with my eyes.

Deborah Gaal

The Dream Stitcher

Moving between present day America and WW2 Poland, The Dream Stitcher is a uniquely magical tale that won't soon leave you. Goldye is a Jewish Freedom fighter who helped launch the 1943 Ghetto Uprising - and her story is inexplicably linked to an 11th century tapestry. Maude is determined to find out how Goldye and the tapestry are related to her heritage - and the story that unfolds is beautiful and heartbreaking. I completely recommend this book - both the audible version, read wonderfully by the author, or the print version.

Rosie Walsh

The Love of My Life

This book won't be what you expect it to be--and it will break you open in all the best ways. I loved it for its tenderness, for its warmth, for the narrative that explores the way we hide truths that feel too painful to expose, even--or maybe most of all--to those who love us most. And I especially loved it for embracing the truth of love and all its complicated, messiness. Can there be only one "love of our life" or can we have many? This is a moving tale of a family finding itself--a new favorite on my forever bookshelf.

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"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau

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