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Dayna is a writer, educator and editor. Her articles have appeared in local press and online journals, and she edits for Writers Digest/2nd Draft. Dayna serves on the board for the Women's National Book Association and has served on the advisory board for Central Coast Writers Conference, teaching workshops for beginning writers. She shares thought pieces and personal essays on her blog —, and has dabbled in poetry on her Instagram page, Tiny_NotesByDB. Dayna is querying her first novel, A Light Left Behind, a contemporary romance with elements of the supernatural. As an educator, Dayna works with teens, guiding them towards their future goals and aspirations. When Dayna isn't running all over the hills of the central coast, she's advocating for the Western Monarch Butterfly.

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The Rest of the Story...

Or, A Little About Me...

I was born in a small town on the Coast of California, which makes me a California girl through and through. My idyllic home life was so normal it was abnormal, and my little happy family gave me strong roots.

Reading has always been a magical experience for me. Some of my warmest memories are of being nestled next to my mom in her chair and reading before bed, hearing my grandpa's voice as he read a familiar story to us for the fourth time in an evening, and heading to the library for yet more books. Oh, how a library still gives me feels. 

In 7th grade, a favorite teacher gave me a hardbound journal and in it she wrote, "Fill these pages with your voice." I took her words to heart, because that is what started my journaling practice, which has stayed with me. 

There is magic for me in storytelling. I grew up wanting to be an actress. My mom used to say I had "creative flair", but I was just always moved deeply--and inspired by--storytelling. I loved theater and was a theater nerd through High School.

All of these things, along with a creative energy eternally looking for an outlet, lead me to write. I abandoned my dreams of theater when I went to college--but interestingly, the first book to make it out of me is about Broadway! I created a blog to share thought pieces and personal essay after my divorce, realizing I needed to build my bravery muscle.  

In my day job, I work with teens as a mentor, helping them navigate their path towards college. I also serve on the board for the Women's National Book Association and do freelance editing with Writer's Digest. 

When I'm not reading or writing, you can often find me running or hiking all over the hills near my home, advocating for the Western Monarch Butterfly.

My kids and I live on the Coast of California, and we, too, have a little, happy family. 

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